Meet Burt Goldman

Burt Goldman

Personal development maestro Burt Goldman is so multi-faceted that what he does is as much of a mystery as the enigmatic man himself. In Burt’s own words, “I help people when they are in pain and I train people to be better at whatever it is that they do.” The 83-year-old Burt’s foray into the art of energy healing and self betterment happened by fate. In 1946, Burt was in Seoul during the Korean civil war and met a mystic who trained him in the art of energy healing. Since then, Burt met and took lessons from a kahuna, a teacher of metaphysical arts in Oahu, Hawaii; immersed himself in the art of Hypnotism and started a hypnotherapy practice; and was baptized by the great Swami Paramahansa Yogananda.

It was in 1975 that Burt Goldman, then a practicing hypnotist, heard about Jose Silva. Always a seeker, he wanted to see if Silva’s Mind Control training was anything like what he himself was doing.

As a hypnotist his primary objective was to motivate people to do the things they only dreamed about doing. Burt joined Jose’s organization and very quickly became the number one instructor in the worldwide organization. With Jose’s approval, Burt co-wrote the instructors manual that became a veritable bible for many of the instructors. The manual ultimately turned into a book, Better and Better.

In 1980, after achieving every goal he had set for himself, Burt retired, joined a country club and played golf for eight months but then discovered he needed more out of life. His retirement ended abruptly, and Burt went on to create Supermind, a 2-day seminar based on the 7 basic principles of Hermes. Supermind was a sensation.

Burt’s active mind, seldom at rest, created other seminars, and for 10 years educated thousands of hypnotherapists who use his methods in Greece, Switzerland, England, Austria, Holland, France, and in the US. Along the way he picked up more and more knowledge and with the hermetic principles to guide him, he became a feng shui master, an NLP trainer, master of Qi Gong, and a teacher of psychic healing.

The zen California resident counts among his graduates, royalty, advisers to royalty, celebrities, union leaders, heads of universities, physicists, priests, rabbis, ministers, and people of every faith, as well as the white collar and blue collar workforce.

All through the years, he has been ministering and training people in having a better and better life but Burt’s next goal was to put some of his vast sea of knowledge on paper and share it with the rest of the planet.

After doing another decade of training seminars throughout the US and Europe, he retired again – this time for three years.

Then at age 80, Burt reappeared to start an internet business that has been doubling in growth every six months. Burt is now involved with several successful internet businesses.

Burt Goldman’s Programs

The American Monk MindBox

The comprehensive American Monk MindBox will teach you how to use the power of your mind to shift the control of your life over to you! Using the techniques on the 16 Modules, you’ll easily conquer every obstacle on your path and start living a life that gives you complete fulfillment and happiness. Every Module within the MindBox contains a powerful combination of lectures and mental conditioning exercises.

The Quantum Jumping Program

The Quantum Jumping Program is a collection of powerful Alpha Exercises designed to effortlessly guide you towards your alternate selves and help you understand the concepts behind Quantum Jumping. There are powerful techniques and case studies found within the course that will allow you to harness and control the power of your subconscious mind.